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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Roller Window Shades

2017-11-03 04:11:52

Many people would like to choose roller window shades for home interior. Compared with traditional curtains, roller window shades is more convenient and simple. It also has better blackour function. Today, we will introduce some advantages and disadvantages of roller window shades, also will introduce some different kinds of it.

What is roller window shades

Normal traditional curtains is controlled from left and right. But roller window shades is controlled from top to bottom, it can be roller up. Roller window shades normally are used in office, bank, school and other formal occasions. It is popular and common in office. Roller window shades can be divided into beaded roller shades, spring roller shades and automatic roller shades.

roller window shades

Advantages and disadvantages of roller window shades

High quality roller window shades have many functions including blackout, noise-proof, safety and convenient. It can be divided in to manual and automatic types. If you have need, it also can be used with manual lock so that it is hard to open from outside, it is different from normal fabric curtains. If the connected part between roller window shades with windows are good, it can have good noise-proof function. However, about blackout function, normal fabric curtains are better. If window roller shades which are made of PVC, it can shade UV better. Normally you can choose window roller shades for bedroom, especially kids room, since there are many different patterned roller window shades kids will like it and it is not easy to be broken by kids.

Types of roller window shades

Manual roller shades: It is simple and convenient to control. According to different fabric function, it can have full blackout function, it can be used for business office, hotel or factory.

Automatic roller shades: It has inside motor to control several roller shades at the same time so that can save cost. About automactic roller shades, it can be divided into wired control or wireless control.

These are some knowledge of roller window shades, when you choose to buy roller window shades, you'd better choose eco-friendly one.

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