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Roman Shades Curtains-Analysis And Introduce For Roman Shades

2017-10-20 03:10:42

Roman shades are one of popular and common curtain type for our daily life. In most families, people buy and use them. Roman shades have good blackout function and can help people protect privacy. If people would like to buy roman shades to cover windows, they should know some information of roman shades firstly so that we can have better use effect. Today, we will introduce some knowledge of roman shades curtains.

Roman shades curtains-Some basic introduction

Roman shades is one of curtain decorations. Normally there will be a rod on the top part of roman shades so that can make fabric look stiffened. It can give full play to the texture of fabric. Campared to window roller shades which is same to be controlled with rolling up, roman shades have more sense of hierarchy, it has better decorated function to make home look more elegant and beautiful. There are many different fabric can be made into roman shades, it also can be used for many different occasions, normally can be used for home, cafe, hotel, villa and ballroom or other upscale entertainment.

Roman shades curtains- Main usage

Roman shades look simple and natural, it can make house look fresh and warm. It has many different functions, for example, it is blackout, insulated, dust-proof and breathable. When you hang on roman shades in house, it can make whole space look harmony quaint so that can give people comfortable and cool feeling. It is very suitable to be used in summer. There are various roman shades designs in market, can decorate your house perfectly.

Roman shades curtains-Main Features

Roman shades use AC tubular motor of YUEXIE series or French SOMFY series. It can choose motor type according load weight, lift height and other factors. Roman shades collocate with 50 tubes or 70 tubes and dedicated reel, it uses wire rope to roll up fabric and is easy to be installed and adjusted. It is suitable for electric roman shades. Roman shades also can be made as water ripple or step-wise designs.

Through above simple introduction of roman shades curtains, we believe that people will know some of roman shades. If you buy roman shades in the future, you will be easier to find suitable roman shades for home. We hope this article can help people choose and use roman shades better.

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