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Kitchen Roman Shades Design

2017-10-31 03:10:59

Everyone hope their house be different from others, but design is not showed on big aspect, more are small details. Such as kitchen roman shades. Today, we will introduce unique kitchen roman shades.

Korean Fresh design

As we all know that soft installation is necessary in fashion home interior. Korean fresh roman shades design is filled with modern pastoral home feeling, color is harmony and has half blackout function. It is suitable for bedroom or kitchen. Warm sunlight shines canmake people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Floral design

Many peoplelike to planting some flowers and plants in home, especially for kitchen.Since smoke in kitchen is big. Plants can help to make kitchen to be fresh and natural. When you choose roman shades for kitchen room. Floral pattern is better choice. Also roman shades can be used for many different type of windows, such as bay window, octagonal window or floor ceiling windows.

Fireproof design

As mentioned kitchen, many people are feel difficult that kitchen is easy to be fired. Roman shades normally is sued to decorate house or shade strong sunshine, but if you will use it in kitchen, you should pay attention to the fireproof function of roman shades. In market, there is one of insulated roman shades can help to be fireproof.

Elegant and classic design

Modern kicthen design, most people are willing to choose elegant and natural style. Kitchen is connected with dining room, you can use roman shades to connect these two areas. Using light yellow roman shades collocate with modern kitchen tableware make whole space look elegant and natural.

Roman shades is not only shade sunshine or protect privacy, it also is important decorations for house.

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