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How To Use Window Blinds And Care It

2017-10-24 03:10:20

Window blinds are necessary and important for offices and families. It gives people simple and beautiful feeling, and will not take up much space. There are more and more window blind designs in market, so more and more people would like to choose them to decorate houses. Today, we will tell you some knowledge of window blinds.

How to use window blinds

1. Before pulling window blinds, please make leaves turn to 90 degrees with orbit, that means leaves are parallel to each other.

2. While pulling window blinds, holding the handle and pull it so that can open leaves.

3. Incorrect usage will affect the sevice life of window blinds.

4.If leaves are not turned to 90 degrees with orbit, do not pull window blinds.

5. Window blinds are suitable used for air-conditioned room, it is not suitable be used with window opened.

6. Do not use window blinds with window opened when outside wind is strong.

How to care window blinds

In daily window blinds care, people normally ignore cleaning it. However, when hang window blinds for a very long time, it will be easy to hide dust, bacterial and much allergens. For people's health, window blinds should be cleaned once per three months. In spring and summer, since people often open the windows, you'd better clean it once per two months.

When you clean window blinds, you should notice different material of blinds. Correct cleaning method can ensure service life of window blinds. Cotton and linen curtains canbe machine wash directly. About man-made fibers, you can use wet cloth to clean it. About velvet curtains, before washing it, you'd better shake it outside firstly to shake off the dust and then using warm water to hand wash it.

You can use wet cotton cloth to clean window blinds, and use detergent to clean it per month. Using a little detergent to wipe leaves in one direction. Due to the material of window blinds, it is easy to fade, do not expose it.

Finally, curtains should better natural dry, do not drying. Special material, you can put them to dry cleaner.

Although there are various lighting in market, natural lighting can make people feel more comfortable. So window blinds is a good choice so that can help you enjoy the sunshine. We hope these knowledge can help you.

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