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How To Clean Roman Shades?

2017-12-02 02:12:17

Hand wash

  1. Put down the whole roman shades, and make it flat, using vacuum cleaner clean the dust of roman shades first.
  2. Unblock the back rope of roman shades and remove the fine iron bar and bottom rail.
  3. Soak the roman shades 5-10 minutes with neutral detergent, and use hand softly wash.
  4. Make back of roman shade to the outside and put it in shade, do not make the shade exposed to the sun, will make it fade.
  5. When roman shade is dry, iron it flat with temperature 80-120 degrees.
  6. Connect roman shade to the rail, put fine iron bar and bottom rail back to the roman shade.
  7. roman shades

Send roman shade to dry clean

Disassemble roman shade and send it to shop to dry clean, and then take them back and install it.

Disassemble method: Unblock the back rope of roman shades, and pull out iron bar and whole rail.

Install method: First make roman shade connect with rail, and insert the iron bar into roman shade.

You can choose to hand wash or send it to dry clean according to your like, we do suggest when you decide to wash the roman shade, please confirm if roman shade shrink or not. Roman shade does not need regular cleaning, you can often use vacuum cleaner to clean the dust.

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