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How To Choose Bead Curtains?

2017-11-10 03:11:04

Due to the difference from raw material and crafts, the price difference from bead curtains are very large. How to choose suitable bead curtains, it is according to the usage place and home style, these two factors are very important. Bead curtains are very traditional and classic decoration, in Tang dynasty, bead curtains were often used in court. They used bead curtains to shade showgirl so that can give them mystery. Thousands of years later, bead curtains are still beautiful and popular.

Bead curtain is light but good decoration, it can make home interior lively and fresh. There is the most important to use bead curtains is that house defects, for example front door is right on the toilet, you can use crystal bead curtains to be barrier so that can avoid the defect, at the same time, it also can make whole space look beautiful.

bead curtains

When you choose to bead curtains, you should pay attention to the designs and colors, it should match other furniture in home well, at the same time, it can show personal taste.

There is another tips you should pay attention to, you should choose suitable bead curtains length according to the reality.

How to clean the bead curtains, there are also some tips. Normally you can use dry cloth to wipe it. About crystal bead curtains, you can use water wash, but do not drag and drop it, it will make bead curtains to be broken.

Metal and grommet bead curtains normally are easy to be rusty and faded in humid environment, you’d better only use them to be obstruct or wall decorations.

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