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Home Window Roller Shades- The Introduction For Different Window Roller Shades

2017-12-13 02:12:43

As we all know that the usage of curtains. And window roller shades are more and more popular in market. How many types of window roller shades? Today, we will introduce three types of window roller shades.

The introduction of window roller shades

Window roller shades are different from normal flat curtains which open from left to right. It open from top to bottom by volume tube, and are widely used in office, bank, school and some other formal occassions. Window roller shades can be divided into pull beads roller shades, spring shutter roller shades and electric roller blinds according to different operation method.

window roller shades

The introduction of pull beads roller shades

Pull beads roller shades are widely used in life, no matter in family or public area. This kind of roller shades are cheap and affordable, this is the point why people choose to buy it. Generally speaking, pull beads roller shades is well-designed and good craftsmanship.It it easy to control with small noise. Fabric of this roller shades normally have good ductility and oil-resistant.

The introduction of spring shutter roller shades

How to install spring shutter roller shades? So many people have such question. In fact, about spring shutter roller shades, the mainly due to its inner spring. Such roller shades can be divided into traditional drawstring spring shutter roller shades, pull bead spring shutter roller shades, one control two spring shutter roller shades and power spring shutter roller shades. These spring shutter roller shades are easy to contrl, and exercise evenly.

The introduction of electric roller blinds

In curtain market, automation has become a trend. Of course, about electric roller shades, price is a little expensive but also has too many useful functions, such as anti-UV, energy saving, area saving.It can used for different workplace and apartment building. It becomes very popular in our curtain market.

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