Different Shades of Blue Curtains for Different Rooms

Blue is a color that denotes sky and ocean. Both of these are symbol of vastness and if you want to make your rooms look larger hang blue curtains. They are just not exquisite in their look but after you hang them you would find that the place where they are hanged looks great. Now, blue is available in different shades and each of them resembles something different from the other. So, you may choose different shades of blue for your bedroom and something other for your bathroom.

blue curtains

Blue curtains for bedroom

Bedroom is that place at your home, where you relax after the whole day. It’s your haven and it must be decorated in such way that the color soothes your senses. Even when you wake up in the morning, the room should not look very bright. It must be soothing to your eyes; it would set you for the whole day. Thus, in bedroom it’s better that you choose light shades of blue.

Blue curtains for living room

If you are planning to hang blue curtains in your living room, then choose something that is elegant. This is because living room is that place of your home where you want everything to look great. The aesthetic look must be eye catching and attractive. Thus, for living room you can choose royal blue curtains. However, you must remember one thing that the curtains should match with the other decor of the room. If they mismatch then the total look of your living room would be deteriorated.

Blue curtains for washroom

You can choose some shade of blue curtains for your washroom too. That is the place where you get freshen up and nothing can be freshening than the color blue. Thus, choose such a color that would freshen up your feelings every time you get inside your washroom.

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